Monday, May 2, 2011


Hi Friends,

Don't you just love baskets? I have a few good ones but lately, I have tried to expand my collection. My mother started collecting baskets many years ago.

At age 3, I was traveling with Mom and Dad out west. My mother bought a few baskets from the Navajo Tribe. The the next year we went to Canada and Mom picket up a few handmade baskets to her delight. And so it went, on and on. We travelled well into my later teenage years and it was a wonderful experience. Mom hangs her baskets from the beautiful old wooden beams in her kitchen. She also displays them on the old cupboard in the kitchen among her pottery she loves.

As for me, I just go to the antique shops, antique malls, etc. She has passed her love of baskets onto me and my sister. It is so catching, as you all know. If only I had the room for tons of baskets.

Here are some pictures of baskets I thought you would enjoy. If your interested in some handmade baskets, check out Pam's baskets. They are so nice. Her blogs are "basketsnprims" and "primitive basketcase". Click on my blog listing and it will take you to her site. Blessings to all my dear friends.

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  1. Dottie, what a lovely story of growing up and watching your mom collect baskets from all over. You were a lucky little girl. Thanks for the mention, hugs,