Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Writing Letters

Does anyone write letters or notes anymore?

As you all probably know, I love to write. Whether it be short stories on my blog or personal notes to friends, I love to communicate. Its an art that doesn't happen much anymore on a personal level. We mainly communicate by phone, computer, email, chat. What happened to writing a personal handwritten note via mail?

A lovely card says a lot and can really brighten up someone's day. I love to send cards. I even have an old time stamp and wax to seal the envelope. What are a few stamps anyway? There are birthday cards, get well cards, thank you cards, blank cards and the list goes on.

Send a card or note today and put something good out into the world. Preserve the old way of communicating.

Post a comment and let me know your opinion. I'd love to hear it. Have a great day.