Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a New Year and a New Day

It's been a great year, but, I am in need of a change. So I am going to rearrange some furniture and redo some displays and give our home a new look. Using what I have and maybe adding a few new antiques I got for Christmas, it should look great.

Last year, we painted and changed a few stencils. My next post will be about stencils, so I hope you will follow me this year. I will be on a decorating spree as usual. I need to redo my guest room and sewing room so stay tuned for that also as we go on this journey.

I wish everyone a great Happy Decorating New Year and a year full of good health, peace, and less drama.

New Year Decorating

More wonderful decorating pictures. Notice how the stencil sets off the window and draws attention to all the other colors of the room. A stencil completes and brings the room together. I think it gives the room character, color and height too.

Inspiring Pictures for New Year Decorating

Hope that these pictures give you a vision for your own home. As for me, its time to rearrange thngs again for the new year.