Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's winter and I am so tired of the snow and ice. It seems like the sun rarely shines anymore and the sky is dark and gloomy.

But there is one thing that always picks me up, the colors of the Primrose flower. I love Primroses. Every year I buy a bunch to plant in our backyard gardens. Its so wonderful to see them come back each year and bring color to the garden.

It seems like they are the first to come up along with the Daffodils and other early spring flowers. They range in color from pink, blue, white, yellow, multicolored. Colors of the rainbow.

I love to keep them in the house too in a pretty antique clay pot. They prefer moist, but well-drained soil. They love partial shade. They like it cool, but not freezing temperatures. A perennial, they will return each year to bring more beauty and sunshine into your space.

We plant them around our trees and rock gardens. I love to see them peak up between the river rocks. We also plant them around our water garden barrel. I think they are part of the violet family, but we are so thankful for the beauty and delicate flowers.

So during this wintery weather, pick up a Primrose from your local grocery store. They seem to pop up there first and enjoy a bit of spring. Pot up a Primrose, place it on your kitchen counter and remember spring is coming.

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